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Lydia was our real estate agent when we were buying a house.

She listened very closely to our needs and wants and only showed us the houses that met our criteria. She was very responsive to any questions we had. She was very knowledgeable about the process and also very transparent when she did not know something. When this did occur she would always find the answer for us very quickly. We really appreciated this. We have had experiences where people will make stuff up just so they can seem knowledgeable. Lydia was more interested in actual facts that would ultimately bring results. Once we made an offer Lydia helped and advised us every step of the way. She made regular contact with both the title company and mortgage agent. Because of this, we were always aware of any pending gotchas and could resolve them quickly before there was an issue. The transaction went very smoothly because of her diligence. One of the things we appreciated the most was the service after the sale. Many agents would just be done at this point and moving on to the next potential buyer. But Lydia made sure we received everything we were expecting. The previous owner needed to send us the garage door openers and it just wasn’t happening. Lydia went the extra mile and contacted the seller’s agent to get the garage door openers. She did not stop until they were in our hands. We wish all agents could be like Lydia. Buying and selling a house would be much less stressful if they were. Karl and Kelly B Home Buyer

Karl and Kelly B

Yes, I recommend Lydia Bagley, Realtor to anyone who needs a realtor!

This was my first time selling a home and I had no idea what to expect. Lydia met w/me and talked me through the entire process and then explained things to me again, each step of the way. When my life got hectic during my relocation, I rest assured because of Lydia's professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail. If you are looking to buy or sell, get in touch with Lydia Bagley. You will not be disappointed! Zenia L. Home Seller

Zenia L

Geoff and I are honored to write this testimonial reference regarding Lydia Bagley who was our Realtor this past May 2018.

We are still in process of getting settled and completely moved from our home of 24 years in the Dallas, Texas area. This was a major life changing decision to relocate to Arizona and knowing it had been 25 years since our last primary home purchase made it even more daunting! Once we eliminated all the possibilities of where in Arizona we wanted to live then meeting Lydia while just driving around looking at homes in Estrella Mountain, we quickly knew that our focus for our next home will be Estrella Mountain Ranch (“EMR”) in Goodyear, Arizona! Lydia validated this decision not only as a professional realtor with all the statistics, market comps and future growth trends but most importantly with the fact that she and her husband have lived here for several years. Therefore, making our experience more personal. Along our journey we knew we had chosen the best realtor for our circumstances and one that we truly trusted every step of the way! Albeit our search included looking at multiple listings and eliminating them, she was very patient each day that we would tour homes (approximately 20 plus over span of about 4 days) and at a time of the year when the temperatures were rising. Nonetheless, as we drove around and a new home popped up she was great to immediately get on the phone and see if she could get us an appointment. Due to us staying in Arizona only a week while we were house hunting, most were accommodating. One day the home that checked off most all our boxes popped up and she got us an appointment that same day! Now this is key because we were starting to feel frustrated and concerned our house-hunting trip was going to be a bust. However, God wasn’t going to let this happen and following our tour that afternoon we knew this was our home! Lydia worked with us till late that evening to draw up our offer and to present it to the seller’s agent. She continued to work with us through the negotiations while we were back in Texas calling us, emailing or texting regularly to keep us well informed throughout the entire process from offer to closing! Lydia is not only our realtor who helped us find our dream home in EMR but we like to call her our friend today! She and her husband are some of the best people you will ever meet and if by chance you are in the market for buying or selling a home, we have no hesitation recommending Lydia Bagley, Professional Realtor! Sincerely, Debra & Geoff W. Home Buyer

Geoff and Debbie

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